The lesson packages below each inlcude four 60 minute private lessons. Each package is $250.00.  Please contact us to talk about which package is right for you.


Our Approach

The focus of lesson packages reflects our stance that riders should not be on a horse they cannot safely handle on the ground. Basic horsemanship is emphasized in all packages inlcuding understanding the role and types of pressure that can be used to build a relationship of trust and respect between a rider and horse as well as understanding horse communication. Horses are never standing and ready for riders. With each lesson, students are expected to get better at tacking and preparing their horse for riding.  This initial time spent with a horse provides an opportunity to build trust and horsemanship skills.

Lessons are taught using student centered methods that require students to interpret what is happening during their lesson. Rather than "telling" students what to do, students develop knowledge so that when asked what they should do, they can take into consideration how horses respond to pressure (and the release of pressure), interpret the body language and behavior of a horse, and make reasonable decisions. We only offer private lessons so that instruction can be differentiated based upon the learner's needs. However, we offer private lessons at a cost comparable to group lessons at other facilities to help make horses and riding accessible to everyone.

Lesson Packages ($250.00 each)

Each set is four lessons 

Each lesson is 60 minutes long

Safety on the Ground

Learn the basics of grooming and handling a horse safely on the ground

Walk, Whoa, and safety on the ground  

Fore kids 8 and up Learn to mount a horse , control them at a walk , Learn the basics of grooming , and handling a horse safely on the ground

Sitting trot

Learn to sit the trot and transition between the trot, walk, and halt

Posting Trot

Learn to post and pick up the correct diagonal