Horse Boarding

Field Board ($300.00)

We have 30 acres of pasture with space for about 10 field boarders.  Included in field board is constant access to salt, water and hay in the winter months. You also have access to a round pen for training and a riding arena.We will also worm your horse quarterly.

Training Board ($900.00/month)

Training board includes the services of field board described above as well as four sessions weekly with your horse including one with the owner to practice communication and newly learned skills. 

Brood Mare Board ($750/month)

We have found that many mare owners do not have access to a vet knowledgable in Artificial Insemination which makes breeding to our beautiful Akhal Take  or Gypsy Cob stallions difficult.  Chris Robertson is our local vet and has an incredibly success rate inseminating helathy mares.  You can board your mare with us through two heat cycles and pregnancy confirmation if breeding to Caladesi.  We will monitor your mare for evidence of heat and arrange ultrasound appointments and hold for reproductive vet appointments including insemination.

For additional fees we can feed owner provided grain ($200/month), blanket ($100/month), hold your horse for the vet/farrier ($50/event). This is in addition to all of the base board fees.