The Girls

Sasha is our sweet 16 year old grey mare. She loves children and trail rides and was Amanda's first horse.  She is our primary lesson horse

Docs Modern Dancer (Dancer)(Docs Rio Solano X Ima Modern Madam) is Autumn's registered paint filly born April 30, 2021 at Triple L Farm in Wytheville Virginia. She is a homozygous bay tobiano (TTEe) and registered with the American Paint Horse Association (Registration #1,149,215). She loves people and is known as "The Freindly One." She is also quite spunky and amuses us daily with her bunny hops! Dancer is Autumn's first horse training project and she hopes to show her one day in English riding disciplines.

Photo Credit: Fractured Light Photography (prints avilable for purchase)

Kestrel (Eramay X Katrin) (15.2h) is a double registered Akhal Teke mare born 5/1/2012. Kestrel is a beautiful palomino that shines like gold in the late evening sun (Ee,Cr/nCr,Dn). She is derived from the El Line of Akhal Tekes. Kestrel is extremely smart, sensitive and a wonderful mother. She currently is getting ready to have her second foal due on April 6th, 2022. (ATAA registration number AAKT526; VNIIK registration number 101600212). We are planning on giving her the next year off as a broodmare to see how she likes trail riding and dressage.



BFF Giacinta (Jinx) is our beautiful blue-eyed Gypsy Vanner filly born on April 23, 2021 (GVHS Registration # GV08775P). The sire was no other than SD 007 and the Dam was Shaylee Roscreigh. She has the famous Lob Eared Horse on both sides; The Horseshoe Mare and Bob the Blagodon on the Sire's side; and The Irish Blagdon Mare on the dam's side. Jinx is piebald, with luxuriously long white lases and blue eyes (EETt). She is the unicorn on Horse Dreams Farm! We can't wait to get her into the show ring!