Horse Dreams Come True, LLC is our small family-owned business located in Madison, Virginia on Horse Dreams Farm. And yes - the business started with a dream - and dream horses.

Amanda Gonczi is the founder of the company.  It was always my dream to have horses, and in particular, Gypsy horses. It was not in my childhood cards to have horses but I was able to get my first one 18 years ago (Sassy Sasha). Sasha taught my daughter and I that a life with horses is a gift we could never live without. When the opportunity presented itself to build our business so that Autumn and I could explore more opportunities with horses we jumped at it. Gypsy cobs were my dream horse breed and Akhal-Tekes were Autumn's. 

The philosophy that guides all of our work is that relationships between humans and horses can be beautiful when horses are bred responsibly, trained with respect, and worked with as a partner. No one should get on a horse's back unless they have taken time to build a relationship with the horse, can handle the horse effectively on the ground, and can interpret equine communication. Our lesson horses are sensitive and kind. Our breeding stock is of the highest quality which means they physicially represent the ideals of the breed and have a kind and willing disposition. We build relationships with our horses from the day they arrive - they are much more than an animal to ride. They are a partner for life.